Hardwood Flooring Installation

Green Step Flooring, Inc. has earned it's reputation from a willingness to work closely with each and every customer to capture the look and feel of their dream floor. We can install any domestic or exotic hardwood, site-finished or prefinished wood flooring, solid or engineered hardwood flooring. Nail-down, glue-down or floating laminate flooring.

Solid hardwood flooring cannot be installed below grade (below the soil line) or over concrete. When a solid product encounters moisture it reacts very negatively. Therefore, an engineered or laminate flooring must be used. Engineered flooring is constructed by fusing 4-plys of material together to form a product with unprecedented strength and durability (like plywood). An engineered product is very similar with the exception that they usually have a real wood layer on top of the constructed core. Engineered hardwood usually comes already prefinished and with a factory warranty. There are some wood hardness species to help you choose the hardwood you would like to have in your house:

janka hardness table

Nail Down Hardwood Floor Installation:

nail down hardwood floor installation Our hardwood floor installation team is extremely talented and well qualified for any wood flooring installation project. Custom home builders and designers know us, when it comes to complicated custom patterns, decorative borders and overall unmatched attention to the detail. Don't settle, when you can select!


Nail and Glue Wide Plank Hardwood Installation

photo of Green Step Flooring photo of Green Step Flooring wide plank hardwood floor installation More and more customers contact us for wide plank solid hardwood flooring installations. We recommend that any hardwood floor 5” or wider should be installed using full trowel glue application in addition to nailing to the subfloor. For maximum durability and moisture vapor protection, we use Fortane and Bostik’s adhesives with moisture barrier built in.

Engineered Hardwood Glue Down Installation:

photo of Green Step Flooring glue down hardwood floor installationSome homes are built on concrete slab or if you like to install hardwood flooring in your basement. Solid hardwood flooring can not be installed over the concrete. Engineered hardwood flooring is suitable for this application. Full trowel glue down installation method is preferred. Engineered hardwood flooring can be refinished or we can sand and finish on site. We have wide selection of engineered hardwood floors in our showroom for every budget.

Custom Floor Vents:

We also offer flush mount hardwood floor registers. These are custom made to fit the size of the HVAC opening. Vents will be made from the same wood as the flooring and stained to match the floor. 3/4 thick solid wood vents are durable and can hold weight over 200lbs. We warranty our floor vents for life. If you break it, we will replace it for FREE, no questions asked!

custom flush mount floor vents custom flush mount floor vents

custom flush mount floor vents custom flush mount floor vents