Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get an estimate?

One of 2 ways:

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I want to hire Green Step Flooring, what’s next?

Send us an email to approve the estimate and we will get your project scheduled. Plan well ahead, due to the high demand of our services. Our waiting list may be up to 3-4 weeks during busy season (summer months) and 1-2 weeks during winter/holiday season.

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How long will the job take?

Smaller jobs 600sf or less take 2 days.

Average project (1000sf) takes 3-4 days to complete.

Bigger jobs with new floor installation, refinishing and/or staircases included will take 4-5 days.

We can have 2-3 crews working on same job to fit even biggest jobs to 1 week turn around time.

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Does the new hardwood flooring need to acclimate?

If your hardwood flooring project includes wood floor installation, we will deliver your flooring week prior to install. The hardwood needs to be stored inside the home (not garage). Acclimation is required to adjust the new hardwood floor moisture content to your home’s specific relative humidity.

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Can I stay home while the project takes place?

We recommend you stay off the hardwood floors during the whole process. If you can’t make arrangements to be out of your home, you can not walk on the hardwood floors for a minimum of the last 2 days of the sand/finish projects while the coating is applied. For example, if your job takes 4 days, you need to be off the floor last 2 days.

If you have specific requirements, please give us a call to discuss.

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When can I walk on it after completion?

You can walk on the floor the following day (socks only for few days).

Light traffic for the first 7 days. No vacuuming or cleaning products. Please keep pets off the floor if possible.

We recommend that furniture stays off the floor for at least 48 hours after the final coat.

When placing furniture and items on the floor, please no dragging or sliding (even the "hardwood safe" sliders are not recommended).

Do not put down area rugs for 7 days after completion, while finish is curing.

Here are further care and maintenance tips:

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What happens with furniture and appliances?

Usually the customer is responsible for moving furniture and appliances off the hardwood areas. Most people will store it in their garage while hardwood floor installation and/or refinishing takes place. If you need help with some large items, let us know, we are happy to help.

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How messy is the process?

Even with dustless hardwood floor sanding systems, some of the really fine dust will escape. We use most advanced dust containment systems with our floor sanding machines to capture most dust possible. We also cover your cabinets, built in-s and other delicate decor with plastic. We also clean up after completion.

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What products are used?

We use DuraSeal 2-hour penetrating stain (30+ colors available)

Bona premium water based finishes (Bona Mega residential grade or commercial grade Bona Traffic HD)

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How many coats are applied?

We practice a 4-coat finishing system: 1-Coat of DuraSeal stain/sealer

3-Coats of Bona premium water based finish

Sequential Coating Method: All finish coats applied in one day (guaranteed inner-coat adhesion)

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How do I choose stain color?

You can visit our showroom to view color samples (please make an appointment). If you would like to see color samples in your home, please select 3-4 stain colors that you like from our website. We are usually doing samples on the day we start sanding your floor. Here is the link:

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What finish is best for my floor?

We highly recommend Bona Traffic HD floor finish. Most estimates include standard residential grade Bona Mega finish. You can upgrade your finish to commercial grade Bona Traffic HD. It’s 2 component finish and hardener mix. The best floor finish in the industry.

Bona floor finishes that we use are GreenGuard certified with very low VOC content.

See our brochure for more information and details

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How do I clean my new hardwood floor?

Please visit our Care & Maintenance page for more information.

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